Wednesday Nov 25

Trails Committee

The purpose of the Estes Valley Trails Committee (EVTC) is to promote development and maintenance of a comprehensive and sustainable trail system throughout the Estes Valley, which considers a variety of trail users. The Committee acts as an Advisory Committee to the Estes Valley Recreation District and Park District Board of Directors. 

 The Estes Valley Trails Committee meets on the FIRST Tuesday of EVERY OTHER month in 2015, at 7 PM, unless otherwise posted.

Meetings are open to the public and are held in the downstairs meeting room at the Estes Park Golf Course clubhouse (18-Hole Golf Course), 1480 Golf Course Road, Estes Park, Colorado, unless otherwise posted.

Meeting Agenda (agendas are posted at least 24 hours before meetings occur)

The next Trails Committee meeting:

Tuesday, December 1 (November 3 meeting was moved to December 1 - View public notice of meeting change)
7 PM
Downstairs meeting room at the 18 Hole Golf Course Clubhouse
1480 Golf Course Road, Estes Park, Colorado 80517
View Agenda

The agenda outline of each meeting is posted at the District Office, 690 Big Thompson Avenue, Estes Park, at least 24 hours before the meeting.

 2015 Trails Committee Meeting Minutes


2014 Trails Committee Meeting Minutes

2013 Trails Committee Meeting Minutes

2012 Trails Committee Meeting Minutes

2011 Trails Committee Meeting Minutes


The committee is comprised of local citizens, a representative from the Town of Estes Park, and a representative from the Recreation District’s Board of Directors. Committee members serve a three-year term.

Trails Committee Members:

Gary Matthews       President       Term ends May 2016
Amy Plummer   Vice President   Term ends May 2018
Hal Dalzell   Secretary   Term ends May 2017
Dick Putney   Treasurer   Term ends May 2018
Danny Basch   Committee Member   Term ends May 2016
Ed Hayek   Committee Member   Term ends May 2018
Daniel Marshall   Committee Member   Term ends May 2018
Lisa Plaut   Committee Member   Term ends May 2017
Ken TeSelle   Committee Member   Term ends May 2016
Tina Kurtz   Town of Estes Park Liaison
  Non-voting member
Phil Kleisler   Town of Estes Park Liaison
  Non-voting member
Erica Goad   Estes Valley Land Trust Liaison   Non-voting member
Ben Greer   EVRPD Board of Directors Liaison   Non-voting member
Ron Duell   EVRPD Board of Directors Liaison   Non-voting member
Mary Davis   EVRPD Interim Executive Director   Non-voting member
Janet Carabell   EVRPD Administrative Assistant   Non-voting member
Herb Loveall   EVRPD Parks/Trails Manager (Interim)
  Non-voting member


  • To advise the Board of Directors of Estes Valley Recreation and Park District on trail issues such as planning, budgeting, maintenance, and design standards of trails.

  • To collaborate with other organizations and property owners to plan and improve trails.

  • To advocate trails in the community.

  • To involve a variety of trail users in the planning and implementation process.

  • To identify and communicate trail needs, constraints, and priorities.

  • To seek cooperation with the Town of Estes Park, Larimer County Open Lands, National Park Service, U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado Department of Wildlife, Estes Valley Land Trust, Estes Valley Improvement Association, other agencies, and private land owners to develop and improve trails.

  • To coordinate volunteer organizations in both maintenance and trail development project.

  • To insure public access to trails through easements and acquisitions.

  • To promote connectivity of trails throughout the region.