Tuesday Feb 09

Resident ID Cards

Resident and non-resident rates apply to recreation programs, boat rentals, bike rentals, marina annual fees, pool classes, pool admission, pool punch passes and annual fees, and golf annual and daily fees. Some programs require an ID to qualify for the reduced resident rate.

Discounts DO NOT apply to drop-in fees, golf equipment rental fees, team sponsor fees, merchandise, food & beverage, and special events.

If you live within the boundaries of the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District, you qualify for a Resident ID Card.

The approximate boundaries of EVRPD are 2 miles north of Glen Haven; 1 mile east of Drake; 9 miles southeast of Estes Park on Highway 36; 1.5 miles south of the Larimer/Boulder County line on Highway 7 near Meeker; and the Continental Divide to the west (District Boundary Map).

Please note that the Recreation District’s Boundaries differ from other tax districts in the area. For instance, you may live within the School District and Library District boundaries, but not within the Recreation District’s boundaries. 


The following criteria is used to determine whether an applicant qualifies for the Resident ID Card and includes any member of the immediate family living in the same household.

  • An individual must live within EVRPD's boundaries for a period of not less than 32 days before applying for a card.

  • An individual or spouse who owns taxable property (or is obligated to pay property taxes) within District boundaries

  • This criteria includes any member of the individual's immediate family living within the same household.
    Immediate family is defined as spouse and children under the age of 23.
    Grandchildren are eligible after living in the Grandparent's household for 32 days.

  • Time shares, trusts, or corporate paperwork MUST list the applicant's FULL NAME in order for the applicant to be eligible.

NOTE: The Aquatic Center is jointly managed by the School District and the Recreation District and it has different boundaries than the Recreation District. People who live within the School District boundaries -- but not within the Recreation District boundaries -- qualify for the resident rate ONLY at the Aquatic Center and are issued an ID card that ONLY applies to the pool. Pool Resident ID cards require a Student ID or tax information as verification -- and are issued ONLY at the Aquatic Center. 


Applicants for the Resident ID Card may use the following items to qualify. Proof of residency must include an in-District address and YOUR FULL NAME. Program managers have the discretion to use other means of identification to verify applicants' resident status.

  • Copy of current year's real or personal property tax assessment listing applicant’s name.
  • Valid Colorado driver's license verifying an in-District address.

  • Current utility bill or renters deposit slip.

  • Copy of an executed landlord/tenant lease agreement.

  • Current car registration with your name and an in-District address.

  • Other documentation that substantiates resident status.
  • Pool Resident ID Cards require a Student ID or tax information as verification
    and are ONLY issued at the Pool.

  • Seasonal Cards require proof of seasonal employment or a rental contract
    AND proof of an in-District address.


Resident ID Cards can be obtained IN PERSON at EVRPD's Adminstration Office, Golf Courses, or Aquatic Center. Fill out an application form and bring it to one of these locations along with your payment and a picture ID.


  •  Resident ID cards cost $5 and are valid for three (3) years from date of purchase.
  • Seasonal Cards cost $5 and are valid for one (1) calendar year (e.g.: expire December 31 of each year).

  • Additional or replacement cards cost $1 each.

  • You can pay by cash, check, debit or credit card.