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Hours of Operation

What are your Marina hours of operation?

The Marina is generally open from May through early October. During the summer months, hours of operation are usually from 8 m. to 6 p.m. Operating hours are shortened in the spring and fall. Call the Marina at 970-586-2011 to check on off-season hours.

Rental Equipment

I am trying to plan a fun weekend for Spring Break with my friends and was wondering if the Marina will be up and running by March 13. We will want to rent paddle boats and stuff.

Depending on the weather and when we install the docks, we usually start renting boats the first week of May.

Can your boats be reserved for specific dates? Do you have availability for Saturday morning for the 7-person pontoon boat?  We would like it for 2 hours.  What do we need to do to reserve it?

Pontoon boats can be reserved.  Please call the Marina at 970-586-2011 for boat reservations.

Are dogs allowed on your pontoon boats?

Yes, dogs are allowed on pontoon boats.  They are counted as a passenger.

I had a question about the logistics of renting boats/ bikes. I'm planning a wedding for late August and want to organize a day out in Estes Park for 20-30 people. Since I'm not sure how many people will be coming early etc., I was wondering if I could or should make a reservation for boats/bikes. Do you have plenty of equipment available such that we could just walk in?

Pontoon boats are the only equipment that can be reserved.  You can reserve pontoon boats by calling 970-586-2011.  It would be my recommendation to reserve the pontoon boats.

Is there a fee to canoe on Lake Estes?

Yes, there is a fee.  To launch your canoe or kayak into Lake Estes, there is a $5 one-day use permit and a $5 daily vehicle parking fee.  You can buy an annual pass for non-motorized boats. The annual pass cost is $28 for a resident and $38 for a non-resident.  The annual pass includes a vehicle parking pass.  All boats are required to be launched at the Marin

How much to rent a kayak for a couple hours?

Kayak rentals are $18/hour for one person; $23/hour for a two-person kayak.

Do you offer windsurfing lessons and/or rentals at the Marina?

We do not have wind surfing equipment at the Marin. A list of marina rental equipment is on our Web site.

I was wondering if you offer gift certificates for boat rentals?  I am interested in renting a fishing boat for 2.5 hours as a gift for someone.  Thanks for your help!

Please call the Marina at 970-586-2011 to arrange a gift certificate.

Marina Pavilion

I want to rent the Marina Pavilion. I can't find any pictures of the pavilion or how you set things up. Do you set the tables/chairs up or do we? What is the area around the pavilion is like -- will there be a lot of other people in the area?

The Lake Estes Marina Pavilion is located near the Lake Estes. It is an open-air pavilion with limited privacy. It is likely that there will be people in the outlying areas by the pavilion. Tables, chairs, and grills are available for a fee; Marina staff sets these up for you. Please see the Marina Pavilion reservation information on our Web site for further information and pictures. Call 970-586-2011 to check on available rental dates.

Can you tell me exactly where the Pavilion at Lake Estes is located? A map would be great if you have one available.

The pavilion is located next to the Lake Estes Marina and Store. The physical address is 1770 Big Thompson Avenue, Estes Park, Colorado. 

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I sent a reservation form and deposit check to reserve the Pavilion at the Marin

Can you confirm that you received this?

Please call the Marina at 970-586-2011 for confirmation of your payment.

We are looking for casual facilities to rent for our family reunion. We will have approximately 100-120 people. Is alcohol allowed at the Marina Pavilion? If so, does an alcohol permit need to be obtained?

The upper limit for groups at the Marina Pavilion is 120. You need to call Marina staff to discuss group events large than 120 people. Alcohol is permitted at the Pavilion, as long as Colorado state alcohol laws are followed.  You cannot sell or dispense alcohol without a liquor events permit.  Please call 970-586-2011 for further details.

I am getting married next Spring. I will have about 100 guests at my wedding. I would like to bring my own caterer and alcohol, and I plan on hiring a bartender. I may also want a DJ or band. Can you tell me a little more about your Marina Pavilion pricing and facilities? And what that price does and does not include?

The Marina Pavilion rental form is on our Web site and includes prices. You can also give us a call at 970-586-2011. A completed reservation form and a $25 deposit are required to hold a reservation date and time. Catering and alcohol are ok.

Are there any other Pavilions available for rent near Lake Estes?

The Recreation District also rents out two picnic shelters at Stanley Park. The Stanley Park pavilions have picnic tables. The small pavilion holds approximately 40 people, has electricity, and costs $60/day. The large pavilion holds up to 150 people, does NOT have electricity, has a restroom nearby, and costs $70/day. See the Stanley Park Shelter section on our Web site for the reservation form and rental information. Call 970-586-8191 to check on available dates. The Stanley Park pavilions are near tennis courts, ball fields, and a playground.


What is the fishing like in the lake? What is the best way to catch trout in Lake Estes? Do you have any fishing boats available this week?

Bait and fishing boats are all available at the Marina. Please call the Marina, 970-586-2011, for information on fishing suggestions.

We are planning a trip this weekend to Estes Park.  We would like to fish with our children.  Do we need to rent a fishing boat ahead of time?  Are we able to fish off land?    We need to be successful catching the fish for the kids so any advice would be so very much appreciated.  Boat or land…. Type of fish in lake?

We have several types of boats for rent.  The only boats that can be reserved are pontoon boats.  To reserve a boat, call 970-586-2011.  You can fish on a boat or on land along the shore line.  You will catch either rainbow or brown trout.  You can use worms, salmon eggs, or power bait, which are all available at the Marina store.  You can also use spinners and we sell a wide variety at the store.  Good luck fishing!

What is the cost is for a fishing license for out-of-state persons?  Also, how far in advance do we need to make boat reservations?

Temporary out-of-state fishing licenses are currently $9 for the first day, and $5 for each additional day.  You can purchase your license online from Colorado Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Swimming in Lake Estes

Are there any lakes with sandy beaches the kids can swim in or is the water too cold for that?   We've never been to Colorado before, so would appreciate your tips for swimming.

Lake Estes has a sandy beach and you can wade in the lake.  Swimming is not permitted in the lake.  The water in Lake Estes is pretty cool and it depends on the day and weather about being too cold.  We do have a year-round indoor Aquatics Center that is very nice for swimming.

Water Skiing

Is water skiing allowed on Lake Estes?

Lake Estes is a wake-less boating lake and therefore most of the time water skiing is not permitted.  However, we do permit water skiing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after 5:00 pm.  The Marina officially opens 7 days a week, the first week of May.  Please check with the Marina Manager for further details.  Annie starts work in early March.

Estes Park Aquatic Center FAQ

What is the Aquatic Center?

The Aquatic Center is an indoor, year around, open to the public facility. We have 6 lap lanes and a diving well. We have a diving board and rope swing. We also have a wader pool for the kids 6 and under. The main pool is kept between 84-85° and the wader pool is kept around 90°.

Where are you located?

We are located at 660 Community Drive, by the fairgrounds and the school. Take South St. Vrain to Graves Avenue and take a left, and you will end up in our parking lot

What is are the fees to use the pool?

We offer daily rates for both resident and non-residents, click on the following link to see our rates

Do you have swim suits available?

We have lost and found suits available to borrow and we also carry Speedo swim suits for all ages including adults. We also have a wide variety of goggles and other swimming gear available to purchase.

Do you offer group discounts?

We offer group rates to groups that contact us at least 4 weeks in advance. Groups must be 25 or more. We also have a Camp Punch pass, or you can purchase a regular punch pass. We have discounts to birthday party groups that book in advance. We DO NOT offer groups discounts to groups that do not give us advance notice

How do I book in advance?

You can call us at 970-586-2340.

Do you have a water slide?

No, we have a rope swing, diving board and lots of pool toys. We also have a wader pool for kids 6 and under with parental supervision

Do you provide lifejackets? 

We have a wide variety of life jackets in all sizes. Our rule is that any person under the age of 16 must pass the swim test in order to leave the shallow end. The swim test is swimming 25 yards non-stop with a front crawl stroke. If they cannot pass the swim test or do not want to take it, they must wear a lifejacket out of the shallow end.

Do you have equipment available to rent?

We do not currently rent out our equipment; it is for use only at the Estes Park Aquatic Center.

What kind of equipment is available for use at the Aquatic Center?

We have kickboards, fins, hand paddles, water jog belt, resistance weights and a variety of other equipment for use at the pool.

Do I need a swim cap?

A swim cap is not required at the Aquatic Center. We do however ask that you take a shower before entering the pool.

What is the difference between open swim and lap swim?

Open swim is defined as free for anyone to do any type of swimming. Generally we have at least two lap lanes available during open swim unless we have over 50 people in the pool. During open swim you are also free to use the diving board and rope swing and get out the pool toys. Lap swim is our designated lap swim time. This time is specifically for people who want to walk or swim in a lane.

I am a part–time resident of Estes Park, can I get a resident ID card?

There are some different criteria to being considered a resident of Estes Park, check out our resident ID policy or stop by the pool and we can check for you.

I am a visitor to Estes Park, can I still use the Aquatic Center?

Yes, the Estes Park Aquatic Center is a public pool, please see our schedule for available swim times.

What is the difference between the EVRPD resident card and the Pool Only resident card?

The EVRPD resident card is for people who live/own property/pay taxes within the Estes Valley Recreation District, the EVRPD ID pass is good at all EVRPD facilities. The pool only resident card is for people who live/own property/pay taxes within the PSDR-3 school district but not the Rec. District. Pool Only ID is good only at the pool, not at any other Rec. District facilities.