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Swim Lessons

 Swim Lessons

The Estes Park Aquatic Center is happy to offer a variety of swim lessons year around!

Our group lessons run on a specially designed curriculum developed especially for our facility. Our swim lessons focus on teaching children not only how to swim, but how to be safe in water as well as giving them the tools to continue swimming as a life time sport.

Our swim lessons are divided into 2 sections: Pre-school and Learn-to-Swim.

  • Pre-school levels are for children who have not yet started kindergarten.
  • Learn-to-swim levels are for children who are school aged.

The breakdown of our levels are as follows:

Pre-School levels:

Pre-School levels are for children who have not yet started school, but are AT LEAST 3 YEARS OLD:

1. Bears and Cubs -- Parent-Child, age 6mo-3yrs

2. Chipmunks -- age 3-5, beginner

3. Ground Squirrel -- age 3-5, passed Chipmunk

4. Beavers, age 3-5 -- passed Ground Squirrel

5. Marmot -- age 3-5, passed Beavers


Learn-To-Swim levels:

These levels are designed for children who have started school/are AT LEAST 5 YEARS OLD!
Children under 5 must be in the Pre-School Levels.

1. Fox -- age 5 and up, beginner5b1_swim_lessons

2. Coyote -- age 5 and up, passed Fox

3. Grey Wolf -- age 5 and up, passed Coyote

4. Hawks -- age 5 and up, passed Grey Wolf

5. WaterCats -- approval from instructor


 We also offer diving classes!  If  you're a beginner or advanced, we can work with you!

Saturday 9:45-11a

Classes are $6.50/class

 For more info, call the Aquatic Center at 970.586.2340 and talk to Bill



Please read the following descriptions to know which level to sign your child up for.
If you are unsure of their level, give us a call at 970.586.2340 and schedule a free pre-test with one of our instructors.

All classes Wednesday evenings!

Online registration is only available for the next session offered.  



Evening Lessons

Spring Session 

April 17 - May 14, meets every Wednesday

Pre-School, 6:10-6:40p, $22

Ground Squirrel 


School Age, 6:45-7:25p, $29

Grey Wolf

Summer Swim Lessons!

Summer swim lessons run during the day time.  Each session runs Monday through Thursday for two weeks back to back.  If registering online, please note you can only register for the next session, if you would like to register for a session later in the summer, please call 970.586.2340.