Sunday Feb 07

Estes Park Aquatic Center FAQ


What is the Aquatic Center?

The Aquatic Center is an indoor, year around, open to the public facility. We have 6 lap lanes and a diving well. We have a diving board and water slide. We also have a wader pool for the kids 6 and under. The main pool is kept between 84-85° and the wader pool is kept around 90°.

Where are you located?

We are located at 660 Community Dr, over by the fairgrounds and the school. Take South St. Vrain to Graves Ave and take a left, and you will end up in our parking lot

What are the fees to use the pool?

We offer daily rates for both resident and non-residents, click on the following link to see our rates

Do you have swim suits available?

We have lost and found suits available to borrow and we also carry Speedo swim suits for all ages including adults. We also have a wide variety of goggles and other swimming gear available to purchase.

Do you offer group discounts?

We offer group rates to groups that contact us at least 4 weeks in advance. Groups must be 25 or more. We also have a Camp Punch pass, or you can purchase a regular punch pass. We have discounts to birthday party groups that book in advance. We DO NOT offer groups discounts to groups that do not give us advance notice

How do I book in advance?

You can call us at 970-586-2340.  

Do you have a water slide?

YES! We just installed a water slide in August 2011. We also have a diving board, lots of pool toys, and a wader pool for kids 6 and under with parental supervision.

Do you provide lifejackets? 

We have a wide variety of life jackets in all sizes. Our rule is that any person under the age of 16 must pass the swim test in order to leave the shallow end. The swim test is swimming 25 yards non-stop with a front crawl stroke. If they cannot pass the swim test or do not want to take it, they must wear a lifejacket out of the shallow end.

Do you have equipment available to rent?

We do not currently rent out our equipment; it is for use only at the Estes Park Aquatic Center.

What kind of equipment is available for use at the Aquatic Center?

We have kickboards, fins, hand paddles, water jog belts, resistance weights and a variety of other equipment for use at the pool.

Do I need a swim cap?

A swim cap is not required at the Aquatic Center. We do however ask that you take a shower before entering the pool.

What is the difference between open swim and lap swim?

Open swim is defined as a time for anyone to do any type of swimming. Generally we have at least two lap lanes available during open swim unless we have over 50 people in the pool. During open swim you are also free to use the diving board and slide and get out the pool toys. Lap swim is our designated lap swim time. This time is specifically for people who want to walk or swim in a lane.

I am a part –time resident of Estes Park, can I get a resident ID card?

There are some different criteria to being considered a resident of Estes Park, check out our resident ID policy or stop by the pool and we can check for you.

I am a visitor to Estes Park, can I still use the Aquatic Center?

Yes, the Estes Park Aquatic Center is a public pool, please see our schedule for available swim times.

What is the difference between the EVRPD resident card and the Pool Only resident card?

The EVRPD resident card is for people who live/own property/pay taxes within the Estes Valley Recreation District, the EVRPD ID pass is good at all EVRPD facilities. The pool only resident card is for people who live/own property/pay taxes within the PSDR-3 school district but not the Rec. District. Pool Only ID is good only at the pool, not at any other Rec. District facilities.